Longhair 12″


Bordello A Parigi

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Outside a cold wind whistles through the leafless trees. Inside, in the Bordello, we maintain the summer heat with the inviting warmth of a new signing: Longhair. Incandescent notes, a powerful kick drum and thick bass introduce the pair of Swift and Homeboy with their track “Squirt.” Claps coalesce with radiant chords as the Wilde Renate residents beam happiness from speakers. “Bunny” follows. True to its name, the second piece is an alluring work of soft pads, gentle percussion and playful melodies. Hopping between styles, “Bunny” shines with a glistening Miami chic and glows with a house brightness. The chesty thump of drums is met by toms and a funk-filled synthline for the journey that is “As We Travel.” Clear seas and sun-kissed beaches are conjured as Longhair whisk you away on a final voyage of pure musical pleasure.

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