Hidden Waves EP


Bordello A Parigi

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Bordello A Parigi is returning to where it all began. Four years ago Dj Overdose inaugurated the label under his masked Model Man moniker. Now he’s back. Missile crisis and intercepted communique, Hidden Waves collects six underhanded secret music documents of Cold War espionage. Screaming out of the frost-biten night comes the mean and fast new wave inspired “Peeking Through The Blinds”. Softer encounters lurk, “Hidden Waves” and “The Plot Thickens While Pangea Cracks” being silver screen steeped soundtracks. Twist after twist are added to this narrative. “Burning Bed” smoulders with rich synthlines whilst “Antidote” ducks down an alley and dons a bleaker punk-wave mantle. The final late night exchange arrives with “Flying Knives”. Cool and smooth the track takes its cue from velvet lined wine bars and strong martinis. Model Man rising from the shadows to, again, show how things should be done.

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