Rainshadow 12″


Confused Machines

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Mule Driver presents: Rainshadow

Imagine yourself on a deserted bank of the dead sea, a day after the end of days, taking part in the RainShadow tribe’s ceremony, chanting and thanking the spirits.

On this new EP, Mule driver delivers four post apocalyptic tribal tracks with a dystopian feel, fusing obscure techno with dark spiritual rhythms, driven with crushing beats with a hint of disco.

Tel Aviv based Mule Driver / Harel Schreiber has been highly active in the underground techno / electronic scene of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv for almost 2 decades with releases on his Los Jubilee & Confused Machines imprints, Parallax records and many more.

His full analog live shows are constantly evolving and are not to be missed.

Rainshadow is Mule driver’s ultimate treat to date and it was worth waiting for.

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