Forbidden Planet (Remixes) 12″


N.O.I.A. Records

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The superb ‘Forbidden Planet’ is a shiny early electro cut with a great funk bass line, a real instrumental groove and fantastic melodies that shimmer like a hot sun. It’s filled with joy and sounds as fresh today as ever, the way it ducks and dives and offers real warmth.
The Francisco Remix keeps the funk vibe but changes the groove to be a more Chicago house style cut. As such it has a rasping bassline, big drums and coarse percussion that make you want to jack.

The masterful Ali Renault—a go-to disco and synth specialist who runs Cyber Dance Records, Human Shield Record Company and most recently his own Vivod imprint—then turns out a hypnotic version that is more driven and direct for the dance floor, with robotic bass and epic reflective synth lines. It’s a cinematic track with great analogue textures that goes back to the future.

The last original is the excellent ‘Stay With Me’, a cosmic love song with breezy trumpets and dreamy disco vibes as well as soulful vocals. Italo melodies and infectious percussion finish it off and make it an instant crowd pleaser.

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