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Berlin’s veteran mad scientist of discarded MIDI Hi-Tech, Novo Line’s Nat Fowler arrives on Protofuture for a special collaboration with Cocktail d’Amore resident DJs Dama (tracks selection) and Trent (mixing/mastering), combining their unique voices in electronic dance music for a choose-your-own-adventure of club transgressions.
“Racconti” – a concept album on cassette recounting those extended stays at our favorite overnight establishments in Berlin, Brescia, and beyond – takes Novo Line’s hauntingly disorienting yet danceable polyrhythms and three-dimensional harmonies through ‘Late Night’ (blue side) to ‘Early Morning’ (yellow side), echoing the sounds from within the dark cold walls of an industrial cellar to the outside garden terrace, as the morning’s blau stunde makes itself known. Birthed and bred between the three during the COVID-19 lockdown in their lingua franca of Italian, “Racconti” (translated best as “Stories” alluding to those brief life-excerpts compulsively shared on social media) recounts a prototypical night when we commit to entering that club full of friends, temptations, and an open schedule for the next day(s).

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