Catharsis EP


Insult To Injury

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London-based sound mangler & audio-artist extraordinaire Rico Casazza drops his first EP for Insult To Injury, the Ransom Note Records sub-label run by Timothy Clerkin. We’re treated to a slow, atmospheric start with the titular Catharsis; a glitchy, IDM masterpiece that sounds like it was recorded in a run-down warehouse somewhere in an industrial wasteland, circa 1992. We then quickly shift up a gear with Atompunk, the bastard child of the 80s Electro scene & early UK Jungle, creating something quite unique. Stepping on the accelerator even harder, Insert Feelings Here is a juggernaut summer anthem, propelled by it’s driving bassline, the euphoric strings transport us to a beachy dance-floor, just as the sun is rising. This one has arrived just in time for some ecstatic summer festival moments! Australian maestro Shedbug takes the reins for the Atompunk remix, cranking the Jungleometer up to eleven, for a Jekyll & Hyde monster that darts between the ambient rave forest and full frontal assault!

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