Goblin Wizard Cauldron Spell 7″


Medieval Ditties Compendium

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The drawbridge finally (!!!) comes down, and The Mail Coif’s “Medieval Ditties Compendium” label takes physical shape in the form
a heavyweight 7″ available June 2019. We are big fans of the output of this man ( Jackson Bailey aka Tapes), and this is honestly
some of our favourite material to date. Goblin Wizard Cauldron Spell marks the start of The Mail Coif’s quest into Fantastical
Territory both familiar and unknown: an LP of Ditties is set to follow sooon. Radiophonic Maiden TUNE!

“Hear ye hear ye!

It is time to feast ye on succulent cuts of wildest fanfare as he of The Mail Coif bringeth forth arcane ear-curling wonderment!
Know this, when the hen suckles the dusty teats of a moon-drunk serpent so shall appear the first 7” from the prophetic Medieval Ditties Compendium!

Meet we at the ritual grounds for conjuring, with Maiden’s Mirror in hand, 10,000 barbarian souls cast to the void for Goblin Wizard Cauldron Spell!
Hearken thee and Stay the clatter of thy chainmail, churlish knave, these 2 lays will cleave through the musical miasma to free thy mind maiden from boredom eternal!

So Heft thy horse at the heavens, shuck off thy cursed rags and bring forth gold nuggets, for these dungeon dirges are set to raze temples and summon beasts unfathomable!


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