Staff Picks: Thomas – April

Efrain Rozas – I Enjoy The World
“Close your eyes and wander”

Best Available Technology – Enginetics & Plasmalterations LP
“Love the sound design”

VA – Fragments 4
“Hypno love. Also check out the other 5 EP releases from the serie”

Credit 00 – The Cosmic Funk Collection EP
“Sultan of Sansibar”

Ossia – Devil’s Dance
“Sick producer and deejay”

Mr. Mitch – Not Modular 12’

Hame DJ – Sandtrax

Andy Rantzen – Chambers Of The Palace
“B side tracks <3”

Avancera – Who Is Princess Zorldo? (Incl. Mor Elian Remix)
“New goodness by Kalawila, Dorisburg & Mor Elian”

Mutsumi – Mutsumi 2LP
“Fun Fun Fuuun”

April 17, 2020