Prison Planet EP


Bordello A Parigi

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Armonics made quite an impression with the stellar “Universal Oneness” on Diamonds in the Night Vol.1. Now the Italian synth magician returns to the Bordello with Prison Planet, an EP sizzling with the same sensational sounds that graced his first appearance. Dark nights and rising cities are conjured in the soundtrack grandeur of “Mind Guardians” before the solar synthwork of “Prison Planet.” Elements of the otherworldly course through the four tracker, fantastical images and the splendour of space being captured for the floor. The B-side maintains the magic with the crusading crescendos and swashbuckling lines of “The Awakening.” BPMs rise for the finale. Chords dance and twirl with spritely charm in “Spirit Gate”, neon flecked percussion racing to the finish line.

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