Gleech Huis / Parsec Telemetry 12″

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Entering their 6th year and after a short break, Holdie Gawn & Micawber are back in action, delivering the long awaited 10th Sylphe release. Back to their usual  A / B format, the Sylphe duo combine forces for a solid EP, which opens with ‘’Gleech Huis’’ – a stomping, bassline heavy broken 808 beat, techno house jam on the A side. Holdie Gawn builds upon these elements, introducing a lush shredded vocal and sparkling textured melodies, building a song out of  track.  Flip to the B side for Micawber’s ‘’Parsec Telemetry’’ a peak time techno rolling groove, with a punching bass and many layers of glitch, glassy sound design and busy percussion, arranged with a minimal approach on the back of a persistent beat.  Sylphe 10 is due late June 2019.

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