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Marlon Hoffstadt debuts his first album on his own Midnight Themes imprint. Set for release on March 13th 2020, Marlon Hoffstadt’s debut album ‘Planet Love’ marks the ninth release on his label, since its launch in 2017. Having established his very own signature sound over the years, navigating through feelings from house, disco, trance and eurodance, Planet Love showcases these sensibilities in a long listening format. While he seemed to not take himself too seriously throughout his past releases, naming records “Ready For Take Hoff” and “Der Hoffmaster”, Marlon now touches a topic which, over time got more and more serious and important to him. Having dealt with anxiety and panic attacks in the past he developed his very own mantra, which one could already recover in projects such as his phone free “Savour The Moment” events at Berlin’s Renate. “Be kind. Be humble. Take Care. Give Love. Because only love will set you free”. This simple but powerful mantra, that he kicks his album off with, is not only his very own guide through insecurity and fears that he faces in his life as a musician, father, student and promoter. Much more it is a reminder that true success is not defined by heavy touring, big money and fame. Instead being successful means to be kind and caring towards yourself, your fellow humans and the environment and that most importantly love is stronger than anything else. The full album is out March 13th, 2020 and is available digitally as well as on a 2x 12” double LP. It comes along with a full cover artwork from Hermann Reimer, titled “Ewige Gärtner”.

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