Visionia w/ Exaltics Remix EP


Schrödinger's Box

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Schrödinger’s Box found a true audio delinquent when they discovered Rapha. Resident at Alphabet Club in Tel Aviv, this is a musician who creates tracks with a punk attitude and a painted acid smile. The co-founder of Chateau Royal arrives with four blistering numbers for our box. After the pounding percussion and 303 smears of “Ivanka”, this sidewinder synthesist unfurls the brooding darkness that is “Transform.” Lighter tones pierce the gloom in the carefully crafted “Visionia” before The Exaltics lands for some deep and dreamy electro with an incredible remake of “Voyager101.” Rapha’s original of “Voyager101” closes the 12”. Rasping rhythm patterns cut a path for rich dauby analogue bars in this stripped-back, late-night close.

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