Tanzstuecke 12″


Running Back

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Shan’s fifth release on Running Back sees him wheeling towards the topical and permanent discourse of 1980s dance tropes. Be it italo- or post-diso, proto-house or the thumos of new wave, Shan’s capabilities as a producer and upbringings as an 80ies kid twinkle like a stroboscope on the record’s four tracks (five if you turn the virtual world). Included and leading the pack is „Stück 4“. Surprisingly mistaken as a Cutting Crew cover/sample (no copyrights were harmed during the recording of this song), since it famously appeared in DJ GJ’s DJ sets, it definitely owes as much to dance pop as it does to the manner of revered contemporary Kölsch. Whatever it reminds you of, it’s ravey, romantic and rousing at the same time. Turn to „Schlagzeug“ for a tool time treat and „Valention“ and „Holzboden“ to complete the picture. Sigue Sigue Shan!

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