Kassettenjahre 1988-1993 LP


Mond Musik

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Siegmar Fricke describes his music as “dynamic dancable collage-pop with a 90s technoid tendency”. The music on this release is made by Yamaha sampling- keyboards, Yamaha multieffects, synthesizers and 60s magnetic tape recorder, recorded on a four-track Tascam tape-machine. From 1987 – 1993 he produced twenty four cassette releases, some on his former label ‘Bestattungsinstitut’ and some on other tape-labels all around the globe. This vinyl is a fine selection of various tapes from 1988 – 1993 slightly edited for club use and remastered by Berlin’s masterchef Kitaro from Schnittstelle. Heavy underground dancematerial for the first time on vinyl!!! Comes with a strong extended dancefloor remix by Manfredas.

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